Domain registration terms and conditions

Domain Names
•For any domain name active on your account you agree to keep all WHOIS details updated with us in accordance with registry rules.
•If we provide you with a sub-domain based on a domain name we own, you agree that we are not obligated to provide you with access to this sub-domain permanently and can remove access at any point.
•You are required to agree to and follow the domain registry agreements applicable to the domain name requested. You can request at any time that we provide you with these agreements or contact the domain registry directly.
•We do not issue refunds for any error with domain registrations, transfers, or renewals. If the error is caused by us we usually issue a credit to your account with us to use towards future services.
•The result of any domain lookup we perform is not a guarantee that the domain is available or unavailable, and although we will submit the registration request for processing upon receipt of cleared payment, because domain names are usually registered on a first come first served basis, we cannot guarantee that the domain name was registered for you until your contact details appear in the domain registry and the registration is fully confirmed. If for any reason we fail to register a domain name you requested your sole remedy is to request the payment as credit to your account to use towards future services.
•Successful domain registration makes no representation that you are not infringing on any trademark or other similar rights. We do not and we are not in a position to perform checks of this nature. Any domain registration may therefore become the subject of a dispute, and you agree to indemnify us in this regard and submit to the jurisdiction of the dispute resolution process of the applicable domain registry.
•We will usually issue a renewal order for your domain a minimum of 30 days before the expiry of the domain, for the same period as originally registered, provided that registration period is still available for renewals.
•We will submit a renewal request upon receipt of cleared payment applied to your renewal order, but accept no responsibility for the successful completion of the domain registration renewal. In case of processing error your sole remedy shall be a credit to your account in respect of the renewal fee paid to use towards future services.
•If renewal payments are not made by the expiration date of your domain (at least 30 calendar days before expiration), it may not be possible to renew the domain registration period. If a renewal is possible, there may be additional registry and processing fees imposed which will be provided to you at the time advising you of your options so you can decide how to proceed.
Transfer in
•We will initiate the transfer at our side (where possible) and provide limited support with the process, but usually your existing registrar will need to assist you also.
•You pay us for the domain transfer attempt. If the domain transfer is unsuccessful we will not refund your fees, but will usually credit your customer account with us to use against future services.
Transfer out
•We do not charge for updating the registrar details (applicable to .uk domains) or issuing you with the required security code (applicable to most other domains) for a domain name transfer when you request a transfer to another domain registrar. We will assist you with this within 3 business days of you placing a termination request with us in writing by email, stating that you wish to transfer the domain to an alternative registrar within the termination reason section.
•It may not always be possible to transfer an expired or otherwise hindered domain away from our service, subject to domain registry rules and procedures applicable to the specific domain name. However, we shall not impose additional limitations beyond those of the applicable registry and registrar operators.
•Domains may be cancelled for many reasons such as a breach of our policy, breach of registry policies or upon request from law enforcement or courts. We are often unable to prevent this but will help you determine the reason for the domain deletion/cancellation/suspension. No refunds will be issued in such situations but we may be able to provide credit on your account with us if we receive a refund or otherwise at our discretion.
•If you fail to renew a domain for any reason even if you did not place a termination request via our control panel, or it is deleted/cancelled/suspended as a result of a breach of policy, you will lose all rights to the domain. This means that the domain may be used for other purposes by us, our partners, domain registries or third parties, which may include displaying advertisements or selling the domain to a third-party from which no revenue will be payable to you.
Recovering a domain registered by a third-party
•We will not normally take instructions regarding a domain name registration from anyone other than the account holder with us who holds the domain name in their account.
•In cases where we are contacted by a third party domain registrant, you authorise us to provide them with your name, email address and telephone number as listed on your customer account.
•If the domain registrant remains unable to complete their requested change to their domain registration, we will assist them directly after verifying their identity as the domain registrant. We will impose a nominal administrative handling charge to the claiming domain registrant for this process. In such cases we will additionally notify you of any changes made to a domain registration on your account.
•Some domain registries, such as Nominet, may have their own process for enabling the domain registrant to make changes to their domain registration, and we will instead direct customers to that service where in operation. However, note that in such cases we may be unable to notify you as our customer regarding any changes made to the domain registration.
Dispute Policy
•We will not get involved in any domain ownership or trademark infringement issue; these must be resolved in accordance with the policies and procedures of the domain registry concerned.