scammers targetting andover

We have received numerous calls from customers saying they have been contacted by a company purtaining to be Microsoft and that their PC has been infected with particuler viruses, they ask you to run a comand on your PC which will display the 'Event Viewer' and this shows any errors that have occurred on your PC, all PC's have errors but they insist that these errors prove that your PC is infected, they will then direct you to a website which appears to have an infected page on it, this will try and infect your PC with a keylogger which will record all your keystrokes including your usernames and passwords. They will then ask for a fee, normally £75.00 to install software which they say will clean your PC, however you have now given them your Credit Card details and if you do allow them access to your PC you will never know what software they have installed.


Planet PC Managing Director Peter Watt says that you must not let any outside agent look at your PC unless you can trust the source, there is no way that any company can see you have a problem and these companies are randomly phoning customers and trying to convince them to give them access to their PC. You also have given a company your Credit Card details and they can then use this at their leisure. If you have let a company do the above then you should immediately cancel your credit card and bring your PC into us so we can check it for Virul and Malware software.