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UK Domains

There is no better way to express your business or organisation's UK presence than by registering inside the .uk domain name space. A .uk domain name is attractive therefore both to companies operating solely in the UK and also for UK offices or divisions of larger, international bodies.

Registration of some .uk domain names are subject to naming rules outlined by Nominet UK, the registry for .uk domain names. The rules for registration inside each 2nd level domain below is briefly summarized below, and is linked to the complete naming rules for registration inside that domain. Registration is open to anyone, anywhere, but is intended for business or commercial use. Registration is open to anyone, anywhere, but is intended for non-commercial use. Registration is open to anyone, anywhere, but is intended for natural persons who have an association with the UK. & : Registration is, respectively, open solely to UK-registered limited and public limited companies, is limited to one domain name per registered company, and must match the registered company name. For example, Thus plc may register, but not or Registration is only open to UK-based Internet Service Providers. : Registration is only open to schools in the United Kingdom. Registration is only open to UK academic institutions, learned societies, and research institutions. : Registration is limited to UK government departments and agencies, local government bodies (including town and parish councils), and other associated and non-departmental public sector organisations.

For Customers using our Hosting Services there is no Initial fee to register a .uk domain name provided you stay with us for a minimum period of 1 Year, if you cancel your Hosting Package with us within the minimum period there will be a charge of £55.00 plus VAT.

For Customers who just want to register a .uk Domain Name the charge is £35.00 plus VAT, this registers your name for 2 Years.

Included in the above costs are the initial registration fee (for new .uk domain names). Normal renewal fees at time of renewal will apply we will notify you at least 30 days before renewal is due and our fees are currently £35.00 plus VAT for 2 years. Registration will be submitted within 24 hours of our application form being received.

Please be aware that Andover On-Line is acting as an agent for all Applicants registering Domains in the UK domain space and that Applicants will enter into contracts directly with NOMINET UK. For Nominet's Terms and Conditions please click here.

When you apply for a Domain name through Andover On-Line you will be asked to confirm that you have read and accepted Nominet's Terms and Conditions.