Domain Registration Services


Whether your domain registration needs are at the corporate, SME, or individual level, Andover On-Line can help by registering and hosting the domain name you require. You can use your domain for a web site, for e-mail addresses, or simply reserve it to protect your business or product name. Please note that actively using your chosen domain name for a web or e-mail address may incur an additional fee from Andover On-Line when used in conjunction with our web hosting or other products. Similarly, if you use another provider for web or e-mail services, that provider may charge you to use your domain name with those services.

Generic Top-Level Domain Names (gTLD):

.com / .org / .net / .biz / .info / .museum

Domain names ending in .com, .net, .org, and .name are available to anyone, anywhere (subject to availability). Other gTLD domains are subject to specific naming rules.

UK Domain Names: / / / / .uk

Domain names ending in or are available to anyone, irrespective of a UK presence (subject to availability). Other .uk domains are subject to specific naming rules.

Miscellaneous Domain Names: / /

Domain name registrations providing an alternative to the standard .com or