Our scalable support services can provide support for Enterprise and Small Businesses alike, providing solutions that you want, not what is forced on you by other service providers. From simple repairs up to supply and setup of top end servers MyPCHelpdesk can provide solutions for all your IT needs.

From Network Support to Broadband provision we can help you plan a flexible and cost effective solution to your Company's needs, our support is available from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 excluding Bank Holidays. Unlike most services which spread themselves over the UK we focus on being local and are based in Andover in Hampshire.

Consumers can also use our services on a per call basis and we have a PC Repair Centre in the middle of Andover with easy parking so you can drop off your PC for diagnosis and repair, we can also attend your home and install new PC's, peripherals, wireless networks, HomePlug Networks and Video streaming devices to enable you to watch the Video and Audio content of your PC on a normal television.

And don't forget our well stocked Shop for new PC's and all that is IT!